Dawid Lenart

David's passion lies in wellbeing and holistic treatments. He wanted the space that create a unique and personalised experience for great health, harmony and happiness. After many years of orginizing and running sucesfull holidays and events they decided that the time come to get they own place.

Dori Beth

Dori Beth Art paints original watercolors in an expressive, yet detailed style. The artist lives in Southwest Michigan and painting beautiful pieces for people to enjoy, and teaching classes is her passion. She also teaches small group classes in her studio.

My approach to creativity… My art is like a mirrored ball. Each fragment or sliver is a reflection of an idea, mood, feeling or even a complication of sorts. Sometimes I follow a reference, but even then, I infuse the subjects with an identity uniquely their own. Other times I express myself, simply with color. I have been influenced by moving around the United States a good bit; the hills of West…

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Karolina Lenart

custom experience

Joaquin Gonzalez Dorao

Joaquin was born in Cadiz (Spain) and works as a freelance professional illustrator in Madrid. His passion for watercolor is parallel to that for travel. He began to make his watercolors as a way to illustrate his written travel diaries. These sketches gave way to larger and more elaborate drawings and watercolors, reflecting a more detailed observation of the surrounding world. He likes to travel alone and seeing as much as possible traveling on local buses or trains. He's not very picky regarding comfort and likes to taste local food wherever he goes. Joaquin has exhibited his work in group exhibitions, as well as individually in the Spanish gallery Supermercart (2005 and 2006) and Jean Richepin Centre Clermont -Ferrand ( "Watercolors of the World, 2011" ). In 2002 and 2004 he won the 1st prize at the Annual contest Diaries organized by Ambar Travel Agency (Madrid) and his work appeared in an article about travel diaries in the Sunday edition of El País Semanal of August 4th, 2002 . in November 2005, he was invited for the first time to the 6th Biennal International of Travel Doiaries of Clermont-Ferrand (France), international fair that he has attended in 6 occasions so far. He has published more than 12 watercolor books so far, in Spain, Brazil and Turkey.

AWARDS 2002 & 2004. First Prize in the International Travel Diaries Contest by Ambar. EXHIBITIONS 2005 & 2006. Exhibitions at Supermercart. Madrid Exhibition in Altaïr Gallery in Barcelona 2005, 2008 2009, 2010 & 2011. Exhibition at the Biennal du Carnet de Voyage de Clermont-Ferrand. France. Exhibition in Bertrand bookshop, Barcelona. Exhibition "Aquarelles du monde" at Jean Richepin Centre…

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Sandra Duran Wilson

Hailing from a family of artists and scientists, Sandra Duran Wilson’s work represents a beautiful blending of sounds, nature and science. Inspired by physics, chemistry and biology as well as her strong spirituality; Sandra’s work swings between realism and abstraction. Sandra’s synaesthesia no doubt also inspires her work. Sounds appear as colours, numbers as music and melodies dance through her mind as she paints. Born and raised in Mexico, the Mexican people, landscape, music and culture shaped her reality as a child. Years later, she would return frequently to her South American homeland, to absorb its culture, traditions and art.     The pure fun of exploring what paint can do and her natural curiosity keep her work fresh and lively. She is continually exploring new surfaces, materials and techniques. Her work is represented in galleries in the US and Australia and is found in corporate, civic and educational institutions and private collections globally. She experiments, paints, writes and teaches at her studio in Santa Fe, NM. She also teaches around the US, Europe and Australia. She is the author of five art technique books, several DVDs and her work has been featured in numerous books and magazines.

Join the artist, publisher and instructor Sandra Duran Wilson for her new workshop experience in Tuscany, where you will find inspiration on every corner…

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Lin Ann Luciano Fiore

Lin has been painting and teaching for over 30 years. She is a Nationally competitive artist in the U.S., where she resides. One of her fortes is to be able to reach a student right at their level. Beginners through advanced will feel comfortable. Her students adore her and workshops end up in promises to remain lifelong friends!

“I began my career at The Art Students League of New York in the late 1970's. I was a young girl of 18, yet, I knew what I wanted to do. Paint as a Master. It was a lofty goal of an ambitious young woman. I searched for someone with whom I could study who taught in the manner of the Great Masters of the 1500’s in Italy, and as the Dutch Masters painted. I was so thrilled to find that such a…

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Barbara Hack

Barbara Hack’s work is an ongoing reflection on people and their emotions. Working predominantly in painting mediums, Barbara relishes the challenge of realistic portraiture, and her subject matter reflects her love for figurative work. But she pushes beyond realism, as well, in her desire to capture resonant moments in time. Her work pursues figures from the past with their moods and their contexts. Ephemeral figures are momentary presences that are nonetheless powerful enough to make lasting, even shaping, impressions. Barbara attempts to understand these figures and their ephemerality and to share that understanding with others. Barbara received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting after intensive study in Europe and additional training in New York. Since then, she has continued to harness her artistic talents to drive her professional career. Work in portraiture, fashion illustration, and as a courtroom artist have all allowed Barbara to challenge herself with alternative contexts for figurative artistry, and in a variety of mediums, including graphite, pastels, prismacolor and oils. Barbara teaches fine art classes to teens and adults. Her love of art and her desire to create quality art for herself is a wonderful influence on her students.

education BFA Painting and Drawing, Aquinas College Summer Providence-in-Europe Program FIT Winter Program, Fashion Illustration additional training Master Class with David Kassan Master Class with Tina Garrett Workshop with Michael Mentler Workshop with Karen Offutt Workshop with Michael O’keefe Workshop with Bonny Leibowitz Workshop with Jay Bailey Workshop with Mitsuno Reedy memberships…

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I’ve been a professional artist and teacher for a long time; in fact I started life as a baby artist and I’ve been looking for shapes and colours in the world around me ever since. I studied Fine Art in London and then became a Primary School Teacher. I am now a Primary Art Consultant, training teachers in creativity. I spend a lot of time travelling and drawing on location, running workshops and demonstrations. My work focuses on the experience of being in a busy urban space, and how through art we can begin to make sense of the shapes, patterns, colours and energy that surround us. I believe that making art on location gives us a deeper understanding of the world we live in and out relationship to it.

I live in Hoylake on the coast with my lovely wife Annette and gorgeous little dog Elsa. I have two children, Hannah and Joe.

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Monique Carr

ABOUT THE ARTIST: The style that emerges in Monique’s work bursts with energy as she combines expressive colors and intriguing textures. “My contemporary paintings are a fusion of experience, experiment and emotion”, Monique says. After growing up in Montreal, Canada and spending 10 years in the Cayman Islands, Monique and her husband made East Tennessee home in 1999. Monique worked as a graphic artist for over 20 years prior to becoming a full-time fine artist. Ever evaluating and evolving her style, Monique has continued throughout her professional career to study under many well-known artists. Monique teaches a monthly workshop at her studio.

Now that her children are grown-up, she has more freedom to teach abroad. She enjoys sharing the gift that art has been in her life by teaching others. Her goal is also to enrich lives by having her students to experience the magic and joy of painting. Monique comments “In my workshop, students learn to let go of perfection, let go of control, honor their intuition and trust the process. By doing…

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Our International crew of the best, most qualified specialists with extensive experience ,love and passion.

Be more healthy , relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been . Become stronger mentally and find inner peace . A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We offer you a blend of rehabilitation , hiking, excursions, and relaxation in a beautiful naturalistic location in Tuscany

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Frank Eber

Frank Eber was raised in Europe and mentored by Italian master painter Renato Casaro in the early 90’s. In the ’80s and ’90s Frank worked as a professional illustrator and portrait artist by commission. His love for travel has given him prime opportunities to paint. He lived for three years in the south of France, and has painted on location in many countries around the world. Consequently, he has also painted in California and other parts of the United States. Frank is a Signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. He is also an Artist member of the California Art Club. Frank is increasingly in demand as a judge and juror. He conducts workshops and demonstrations locally and at the national and international levels. As such he teaches atmospheric watercolor, both in-studio and en plein air. See which materials and equipment he uses. Please see Workshops for current offerings. In addition you can contact Frank for more information and scheduling future events. Furthermore, a selection of original work is available at Ambleside Gallery, North Carolina, and He lives in California.

Everyone should visit Italy at least once in their life. Make 2020 your year to follow your passion and discover the Tuscan countryside, stroll through historic villages, enjoy a cappuccino in Lucca, taste the best sea food in Portovenere , sip a glass of the best Sangiovese wine from the local producer. Won't you come along with us? Tuscany is waiting...

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Alex Hillkurtz

Alex Hillkurtz was born in England and grew up in California where he is a renowned storyboard artist for feature films, television, and commercials. His film credits include “Argo”, “Almost Famous”, “It’s Complicated”, and many others. Alex currently lives in Paris with his film editor wife, Tiffany, and enjoys discovering the hidden corners of the city that sketching and plein air painting allow. He uses the language of cinema to inform his images, moving beyond what one sees, and depicting what he wants others to see. He believes that in our too-crowded lives, sketching and plein air painting invite us to move at a more deliberate pace… a true sense of place, and sometimes unexpected stories are revealed.

In this workshop I will teach you techniques to enhance the story you want to tell with your painting: composition, perspective, lighting, detail (or lack of detail). We will work in watercolour sketchbooks, and larger sheets, and the media will be pencil, pen and ink, and watercolour. I will show how I choose a composition designed to draw your eye into a piece. Using a quick pencil sketch to jot…

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Dottie Oatman

Dottie Oatman is fascinated by the serendipitous results that occur, when she paints with watercolors. She says she likes to experiment when she paints -"to discover new ideas and different painting techniques." She says, “I paint with my senses. My paintings capture a sense of wonder and delight in the sensual beauty that surrounds us daily. I want my paintings to come alive with freshness and to sing with color and to wallow in rich shadows.” Her art career started early. When she was only eight years old, Dottie began designing her own greeting cards and started her own company, which she called, The Crassberry Card Company. She studied art therapy and history at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, and received a B.A.cum laude in history there in 1978. Following that, she enrolled in art therapy classes at George Washington University’s graduate school in Washington, D.C., where she earned an M.A. in Art Therapy in 1982. While studying with Bernie Levy, who founded the Graduate Art Therapy Training Program there, Dottie became interested in painting with watercolors and has been exploring that medium ever since. She notes that the watercolor works of Frida Kahlo, Marc Chagall, Wolf Kahn, and Charles Reid have largely influenced her work. Dottie says she also draws inspiration from the colorful images of Mexican folk art. In 1982, Dottie moved to Boulder, Colorado and began a career as an art therapist, working with abused and neglected children. She also taught art in the Arvada Center’s Artstart program and art therapy at Naropa University’s graduate school in Boulder. Since 2000, Dottie’s studio art business, Make Room For Art - in Boulder, has offered watercolor painting, with classes in landscape, still life, portrait, and garden painting.

Our 10-day courses are held at the beautiful Villa Sole, on the idyllic Ciciana hill overlooking the city of Lucca.

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Beverly Boren

Bev Boren was born and raised in Texas and now resides in Trophy Club, Texas with her husband Ben. She is a signature member of the Outdoor Painters Society and the Southwestern Watercolor Society. She is also a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, and American Watercolor Society. Her work is primarily the result of her need to paint. Inspiration can come at any time and in any place. She is not confined to one subject area. She loves to paint a variety of subject matter as well as working in various mediums. Bev's paintings are created with things that capture her eye whether it's a still life, landscape, or capturing a person's personality. Painting is her way of connecting with the world and the people around her and sharing those experiences along the way. In her words "Trying to describe or explain my efforts at painting or drawing seems like a futile effort. After all, I want my work to express itself without the necessity of words. My best hope is that my work will stand simply on it's own, and find a connection with viewers where words fail".

Our 10-day course will be held at the beautiful Villa Sole, on the idyllic Santo Stefano Hill overlooking the city of Lucca.

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Suzy Pal Powell

God has truly blessed me by allowing me to create. I have done a lot of different things, but painting is my favourite. We live in far west Texas where the wind and tumbleweeds blow! And we live on a cotton farm and have 2 grown children, in-laws and 4 grandchildren. I have been painting in watercolor since about 1990. Along with the watercolors, I do lots of drawing, sketching, collages and now I have started doing oil paintings. I love bright colors, and western art is my favourite subject, even though I don't do a lot of it. Watercolor is my favourite medium but the torn paper collages run a close race! I started doing the mixed media collages in 2010 and have really enjoyed them. I love to teach and share what God has blessed me with, and my philosophy is : 'It is just paint and paper, Not a matter of Life or death, so enjoy the process.

Experience magicalProvence: lavender , vineyards, olive trees , best food , wine , medieval villages, markets and sun-filled landscapes.

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Kim Minichiello

Kim Minichiello is an internationally recognized award-winning artist whose career in art and design has spanned more than 30 years. As a designer for Walt Disney Imagineering, she worked on the concept development and design of shops, restaurants, and attractions, for Disney theme parks in Paris, Tokyo, California and Florida. She continues to freelance today with Disney teaching painting workshops for Walt Disney Imagineering and illustrating menus for various restaurants at Walt Disney World. A number of her plein air paintings that were done on location at the Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom parks, are featured at the “Art of Disney Gallery” in Epcot. Her design career has given her the great opportunity to live in Paris on three different occasions, live in Hong Kong, and travel throughout Asia as a concept designer during the concept design development of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. “Traveling and experiencing other cultures is truly an inspiration to me. The places I have encountered still speak to me, and while painting I am immediately taken back to a particular place and time, recalling sites, sounds, and fond memories.” Kim is a member of thirteen professional painting societies, a signature member of the Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Florida Watercolor Societies, and will be the 2019 President of the Florida Watercolor Society. She is also a founding member of the Orlando, Florida Chapter of the worldwide Urban Sketchers Organization. She has exhibited her work in Europe, China, and throughout the United States, winning numerous awards. She has been featured in global publications including the December 2018 issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine. Kim is a studio painter working in a representational style greatly influenced and inspired by her travels and her love of nature. She does plein air painting regularly which gives her a chance to continuously study the natural world and to paint from life in a more expressionist manner. She loves teaching workshops and private lessons in both genres. You can learn more about Kim and her work at her web site: Follow and friend her on Facebook: Follow her on Instagram: @KimMinichiello

Vitaly Makarov

‘At every moment of life the artist finds himself at a crossroads, life opens with a new side, new impressions, new horizons, no Constant search, constant movement. And at the same time, one thing must remain the same: art must be positive. Love to God, to life, to people and light. Art must carry joy and kindness. Creativity should not encourage the pride and vanity of the artist. If the soul does not have warmth and love, then inevitably the penetration of cold and arrogance. And no matter how brilliant the master was, this genius will be negative. Therefore, every artist and spectator should be extremely attentive to himself and to creativity. I wish all artists and admirers of art more joy and love in their work and in their hearts! ’ Vitaly Makarov

Nancy E.Thompson

Teaching art is a way of life for me. I'm always a teacher, and always a student, even when I'm not in a classroom setting. I believe that anyone who wants to learn to paint, can do it. I teach all levels...beginner classes to master class. I love introducing sketching and painting to new artists because it is a pleasure to see how surprised they are by their own talent. Teaching accomplished artists is particularly exciting because it allows me to help others find ways to keep their work fresh and evolving. Traveling with my art and my husband, Dick Thompson, is a large part of my life. I have lived in Suriname, South America and traveled to Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, England, Germany, Ireland, Greece and France. I regularly travel the United States teaching workshops. I attended Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina and have two daughters, two granddaughters and two grandsons (not surprisingly, all of them are artists). I'm a South Carolina native, but now I divide my time between my home near Solomon's Island, Maryland and my studio on the eastern shore in Snow Hill, Maryland

Our 10-day courses are held at the beautiful Villa Sole, on the idyllic Ciciana hill overlooking the city of Lucca.

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Kat Ring

California-born Katerina Ring is best known for her semi-impressionistic oil paintings of Italy and Zambia: plein air landscapes in harmonious colours, and studio animal paintings incorporating graphic elements and strong design. She has also organized several Plein Air Safaris in Zambia, and has painted zebras and elephants from life in their natural habitats. Katerina says: "Life is an adventure, and luck is just being prepared when opportunities arise." In this sense, hard work, dedication to craft, and openness to new challenges has defined Katerina's life and led to her living, painting and teaching on three continents. Katerina was a teaching assistant at UCDavis (California) in the Design Department as an undergraduate, and decades later recommenced teaching at two schools in Zambia, and in oil painting workshops for adults in Zambia and Italy. She is a proponent of painting "en plein air" and finds that painting from life, spending hours in Nature's elements (and often harshness) enriches the artist, the artwork, and ultimately the viewer who appreciates authenticity. She feels indebted to the master painters with whom she has studied (at the Florence Academy of Art, Scottsdale Artists' School, in Germany and Belgium) whose ideas and techniques she passes on to her students with great enthusiasm.

Our 10-day courses are held at the beautiful Villa Sole, on the idyllic Ciciana hill overlooking the city of Lucca.

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Angelo Prosperi-Porta

Angelo Prosperi-Porta has a culinary passion. Since 1999 he has been connecting and reconnecting with his roots in Italy. As a son of immigrant parents he feels strong ties to his Italian ancestral lands and is very proud to share this passion and help to introduce others to the joys and surprises he has uncovered over the past two decades. Angelo brings with him a strong culinary history and experience of over thirty-five years, including representing Canada at several International Culinary events, teaching in Culinary Programs in two Canadian West coast colleges and is also the author of two successful cookbooks. He enjoys nothing more than expanding his knowledge of the foods of Italy and sharing this with other passionate lovers of Italian food.

Our Cooking workshop in the heart of Tuscany its an all-inclusive offer

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James Richards

James Richards is an award-winning artist, urban designer, author and former professor whose work explores great places and cultures around the globe. He is an instructor, blog correspondent and Advisory Board member for the international non-profit Urban Sketchers. His award-winning book, Freehand Drawing and Discovery, has been translated into Chinese, Korean and Russian, and is a required text in university art and design programs around the world. His work is widely published in books and magazines, and has been seen on NBC Nightly News. He is also a popular online instructor for Craftsy and The Great Courses. Richards is the first American to show an exhibition at the Nobel Prize-winning author's home. He is a frequent keynote speaker for conferences and symposia, and travels globally to teach design drawing and urban sketching workshops.

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