Follow Your Senses in Tuscany

La Dolce Vita!

An experience to remember

Our mission is to create workshops, events & courses in the best field of personal growth, art therapy, healing forms and creativity with the best teachers, therapists and experts from around the world. We want to inspire you with the natural beauty of the Tuscan region introduce the warm atmosphere, delicious organic food, extraordinary bio-dynamic wines and all other activities that been selected especially for our workshops.

“La dolce Vita” is the essence of Tuscany region with its magnificent views of the valley and its abundance of nature. We will take care of your body and spirit…

Your Home Away

Picture an old house, on a hill, in the lush Italian countryside, completely surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. Sounds idyllic, right? Welcome to your Tuscan Dream


Our creative courses can help you take your skills to the next level! Will you be joining us this year? Or are you planing the next year holidays? Check availability now!

Discover Tuscany

Discover Tuscany. A Land of History, Art, Wine, Food & Hospitality


It’s no better place than Italy for a cooking holiday! The region of Tuscany is world famous for its rustic and hearty food with much of healthy benefits and an extraordinary flavours. Check availability now!

Garden & Wellbeing

Our wellbeing is conditioned by what we eat and how we live. During your stay you can expect the best quality organic food and wine. We adhere to the principle of Slow Living