Tuscany with Monique Carr

With Monique Carr

At Lucca-Tuscany

11 May - 20 May, 2024

Join Monique in this spectacular—**10-day -all inclusive—**painting holiday in Tuscany. You will get a joy-filled workshop that will help you embrace freedom in both art and life! From your private villa accommodations, prepare to be immersed in a once-in-a-lifetime art adventure while enjoying gourmet meals (made with love by your private Chef), splendid wine, exquisite landscapes and spectacular seascape. You will get to experience the magic of Tuscany:Cypress, vineyards, olive trees, medieval villages, markets. It will be a journey you will never forget.

Course Highlights

  1. Instructions by Monique
  2. beautiful Tuscan villa accomodation
  3. Lucca,Volterra,Lerici day trips
  4. Gourmet food & Wine
  5. Wine tasting introducing Lucca bio-dynamic concept.
  6. Pizza festival with private ,,Pizzaiolo,,
  7. Puccini classical concert in 13th Century church

Day by Day Workshop Schedule

  1. Day 1: Arrival day .Group will be picked up from Pisa/Florence airport or Lucca Station 3-5pm . Unpack, settle in Villa , time to rest. Around 6.00pm Welcome gathering with Monique and Karolina on day-to-day schedule and workshop plan, goals, and challenges. Dinner – best of Italian cuisine made by our private Chef.
  2. Day 2: (5 hours of teaching) 9.00am-Breakfast 10:00am-12:30pm- Art session one (Plein Air): Floral: Demo, painting Geraniums or roses. 1:00pm-Lunch under Pergola prepared by our chef. 3:00pm-5:30pm -Art session two (Plein Air): Landscape: Demo. Painting the surrounding vista 7:00pm- Dinner home.
  3. Day 3: (3 hours of teaching) 8.30am-Breakfast 9:30am-12:30pm- Art session three (studio): Abstract: Learn to abstract and the importance of a strong design. 1:00pm-Lunch .Afternoon- Lucca time! Exploration, shopping on your own with a map in your hand. 6:45pm- Meeting for Puccini Concert. Afterwards, dinner in Karolina’s favorite restaurant.
  4. Day 4: Free Day to sight seeing (picture taking for the next day artwork and bring a sketch book to sketch or journal along the way) 9.00am-Breakfast Time to explore Liguria! A day trip to Lerici – one of most charming coast town with spectacular views. Time to explore, shop and relax on your own (with a map in hand). Lunch on your own. Return home at 4.30pm. 7:00pm- Dinner home
  5. Day 5: (3 hours of teaching) 8.30am-Breakfast 9:30am-12:30pm- Art session four (studio): painting from yesterday’s sketches and pictures from Lerici. Learn to paint from sketches and photo references. 1:00pm-lunch After lunch, relax or free time plein air painting 4.30pm-the group will enjoy cooking lesson and prepare dinner for everyone or massage by our specialized masseuse Charlotte. 7:00pm- Dinner.
  6. Day 6: (5 hours of teaching) 8.30am-Breakfast 9:30am-12:00pm- Art session five (Plein Air: Landscape. Exercise to get loose, demo and quick paintings (studies). 1:00pm-Lunch .Afternoon 3:00pm-5:30pm- Art session six: In studio, larger painting from the morning studies. 7:00pm- Dinner pizza festival.
  7. Day 6: Free Day to sight seeing 8.30am-Breakfast .Day trip to Volterra a small medieval hill town in Tuscany . Magical and atmospheric captured in Meyer’s Twilight saga , Etruscan origins , Roman theatre ruins ,medieval architecture and alabaster mekka . After arrival we will have guided walking tour . Lunch on your own, Time to shop and explore. Bring a sketch book to sketch or journal along the way if you want. Return home 5:30pm , dinner home. Evening after dinner: Bonus time with Monique: Marketing talk.
  8. Day 9: (4 hours of teaching) 8.30am-Breakfast 10:00am-12:00pm- Art session seven: Finishing up work, individual coaching 1:00pm-Lunch . 3:00pm-5:00pm- Art session eight: Clean up, display work, group and individual critique. 7:00pm-there’ll be a glamorous gala dinner offering the best Tuscan cuisine. You’ll have a meal prepared by our Chef along with our homemade Verbencello.
  9. Day 9: Departure day. 8.30am-Breakfast After breakfast, the group will be taken to Lucca train station Pisa or Florence airport.

Course Cost: 4099 Euro

After growing up in Montreal, Canada and spending 10 years in the Cayman Islands, Monique and her husband made East Tennessee home in 1999. Monique worked as a graphic artist for over 20 years prior to becoming a full-time fine artist. Ever evaluating and evolving her style, Monique has continued throughout her professional career to study under many well-known artists, including Guido Frick, Kim English, David Dunlap, Kathy Odom, Audrey Phillips, Aimone Art School.

The style that emerges in Monique’s work bursts with energy as she combines expressive colors and intriguing textures with her imaginative and abstract landscapes. Her florals are fun and full of energy.

“My contemporary landscapes are a fusion of experience, experiment and emotion. Instead of painting what I see with my eyes, I want to depict my own interpretation of a scene with my soul. I want to capture the mystery and the beauty of nature. Simultaneously, I’m thinking about composition, harmony, colors, movement, and texture. Atmospheric effects are another wonderful way to create a sense of drama with calm and mystery, which appeals to me.

I also like to experiment with unusual tools, textures and color combinations, allowing me to see a subject in unexpected ways.

I want to leave the viewers of my work with feelings of surprise and joy, allowing them to interpret each work in a soulful way that is uniquely their visual experience.”

Monique website:

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Karolina will handle all booking arrangements. All enquiries, and recive the payments of deposit and balance from the students directly. She will follow on all questions about the workshop,accommodation,activities,coordinate arrivals and departures,food issues and all other details.

Included in the cost of your workshop in Tuscany :


*All tuition fees

*All excursions

*All activities

*Airport transfers and local transportation including day trips to Lucca,Volterra,Lerici

*All breakfasts lunches and dinners (excluding 3 lunches)

*The use of folding chairs



lights to and from Pisa/Florence

*3 lunches*Painting supplies

Painting supplies

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Everyone should visit Italy at least once in their life.

Make 2024 your year to follow your passion and discover the Tuscan countryside, stroll through historic villages, enjoy a cappuccino in Lucca, taste the best sea food in Lerici, sip a glass of Sangiovese wine in Volterra. Won't you come along with us?

Tuscany is waiting...