Beautiful Tuscany

With Suzy Pal Powell

At Villa Selva - Lucca

09 July - 19 July, 2021

There is so much beauty that we sometimes miss. Just a ray of sun on a flower petal, or a bird sitting on the fence. We don’t’ have to paint a huge painting to convey the message. We will use a small-er format due to time and space, Using a watercolour paint or sketchbook, or small pieces of watercolour paper. We will be watching for that small beautiful picture to photo and put in our books or paper. You can also bring one to journal each day while in Italy. A wonderful way to remember the trip and memories!

Course Highlights

  1. Painting instruction by Suzy
  2. Cooking Lesson with personal Chef
  3. Best Italian Food&Wine during entire stay
  4. Day trips to San Gimignano and Portovenere
  5. Classical concert in a Romanesque church
  6. Session with Dominika Allan -one day artist guest spot :creating bath salth and learning cyanotype technique

Day by Day Workshop Schedule

  1. Day 1: 4pm: Group will be picked up from Pisa airport or Lucca Station. Arrival, unpack, settle in. A welcome with glass of prosecco and Italian ‘spuntini’! 5.30pm: An introduction to the workshop, teaching method, activities, challenges and goals. 19.00pm: Welcome dinner Begin preparation of limoncello, to be ready for Gala night.
  2. Day 2: 08.30am: Breakfast. Home day. A slow-start , morning with Italian pastries and fresh coffee. Instruction and painting with Suzy. 13.00pm: Lunch under the pergola prepared by our Chef. 19.00pm: Dinner prepared by our Chef.
  3. Day 3: Breakfast at 8:30am Artist guest spot Day with Dominika Allan divided in morning and afternoon session: Cyanotype - learning how to prepare paper and then creating your own blue prints. A great idea to help you understand how shadows and light affect art together with A mix of your own bath salts and creating a 'ritual bath'. The science of essential oils and how they support wellbeing. Lunch under Pergola. Dinner home 19.00 pm by our Chef.
  4. Day 4: 08.30am: Breakfast. Home day. Instruction and painting by Suzy around the villa, gardens, and views. Optional walk to visit Our Friend Marco and his vineyards. 13.00pm: Lunch prepared by our Chef. 16.00pm: Half of the group will enjoy a cooking lesson, and prepare dinner for everyone. massages by our specialized masseuse Charlotte (on own cost)
  5. Day 5: 08.30am: Breakfast. 09.30a: Introduction to Lucca, with a secret stop😊. Expole town with the map in your hand.Time off for lunch and shopping. 18.45pm: Puccini concert in a Romanesque church after dinner at our favourite restaurant,,La Norma,,
  6. Day 6: 08.30am: Breakfast. Home day. Instruction by the teacher and painting around the house. 13.00pm: Lunch prepared by our Chef. 16.00pm: The second half of the group will enjoy a cooking lesson, and prepare dinner for everyone.Optional massages for ,,not cooks,,
  7. Day 7: 08.30am: Breakfast. 09.30am: Depart to San Gimignano the most beautiful town in Tuscany famous from the towers.Individual exploration.Lunch on own 16.00pm: Leave for villa. Dinner prepared by our Chef
  8. Day 8: 08.30am: Breakfast. Instruction and painting By Suzy 15.00pm: Depart for wine tasting, at a local Bio-dynamic winery 18.00pm: Return home. Lunch and dinner prepared by our Chef
  9. Day 9: 09.00am: Breakfast en-route. All day trip to the famous Portovenere. Relax on the beach,explore or paint 16.00 Return home for dinner prepared by our Chef.
  10. Day 10: Home day. Work on finishing paintings. 13.00 Lunch by our Chef. 17.00pm: Gallery of artwork followed by 19.00 Five-course Tuscan Gala dinner prepared by our Chef,with your home made limoncello – for the last ,,Cin-Cin,,toast!!!
  11. Day 11: Departure day… ☹ 08.30am: Breakfast. Group will be taken to Pisa Airport or Lucca Train Station.

Course Cost: $3699

About the Artist

I am from Plains, TX, married to a cotton farmer and love to paint and create!In the 80’s I started painting as a hobby, since I have been a creative person since birth! As long as I can remember I have made things.I was doing embroidery and making my own doll clothes with out patterns before I even started to school, so I have always been creative. Always doodling on anything that was handy. I never had art in school, and did not attend college.

After my kids got out of school, I started focusing on getting better and spend a lot of hours painting and experimenting. Not everything I paint turns out.Watercolor is a strange medium and has a mind of its own so you have to work hand in hand with the watercolor having the upper hand part of the time!This is why I love watercolor so much.

I spend half my time painting with watercolor and other half doing collages with torn papers. And most nights I sketch for at least an hour.

I feel a bit strange calling myself an artist, so a lot of the time I just tell people I paint!I have paintings in courthouses and featured in some publications. 2 North Light Incite books and Chris Unwins series.Grammy-winner Christopher Cross chose 2 of my paintings for his Christmas Album Cover.

Check advantage also sells checks, checkbook covers and address labels, with my art on them as part of their Licensed Artist Series.

And some of my work is being sold at home décor stores.

I am very humbled when someone wants my art, and am so blessed by God to get to create.

I love painting things that are nostalgic and brings back memories.

I have painted Christmas images since 1999, and still love the kid part of it! I have sent Christmas cards all over the US.

I do love a lot of color!

I feel so blessed that God gave me the passion and desire to create my artwork, and I believe all my ideas come from Him. I also am a signature member in 3 watercolour Societies.

Workshop information

In this workshop we will focus on the beauty around us. Zooming in on things that catch our attention. The way the light falls on a flower, or a wall, the texture in a building.Anything that excites us is our subject. We will work small so we can finish what we start.I will help you with your camera to get good photos, (bring plenty of batteries and sd cards for your camera) on the days we travel we won’t carry all our art supplies, but I suggest bringing a sketchbook, to write down ideas, do a quick sketch, or even journal the day, Where we go, what we did, etc.You can have a small bag as to not to add too much to carry. All you need is a sketchbook, pencil or pen, and a small travel watercolour palette. (and camera)

On the days we paint at home, we can work from our photos, sketch, or what is around us. Sometimes my sketch becomes a painting.

You will need good watercolour paper; I suggest arches 140 cp or your favourite and professional grade watercolours for sure!

I suggest you cut your paper to quarter sheet (or even an eighth size) so you can pack it easier. A good watercolour book is always a great idea.

If you decide to use a watercolour book bring one that is at least 8x10, as well as a smaller one. I love the 5x8 landscape size.

You can do a painting in the larger books. They are not just for sketches.

Included in the cost of your workshop in Tuscany:
  • Accommodations
  • All tuition fees
  • All excursions
  • All activities
  • Airport transfers and local transportation including day trips to Lucca, Volterra,Porto Venere
  • All breakfasts lunches and dinners (excluding 2 lunches)
  • The use of folding chairs
  • Flights to and from Pisa
  • 3 lunches (Lucca, Portovenere, San Gimignano)
  • Painting supplies

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Karolina will follow up on all questions about the workshop, accommodations, activities, coordinate arrivals and departures, food issues and all other details. Karolina will handle all booking arrangements, all enquiries, and receive the payments of deposit and balance from the students directly.

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